A group of artistic young Scots have been taking part in special workshops to build a series of spectacular sculptures to be showcased at this year’s illuminated outdoor show Fire & Light: Cosmic Fortunes at The Helix in Falkirk.

Glasgow-based artists Jane McInally and Pearl Kinnear welcomed 18 pupils from Braes High School, Graeme High School and Larbert High School in Falkirk, to create their own sculptures of planets during a set of workshops at Glasgow Sculpture Studios.

The objective of the Fire & Light art project is that the planets complement Gaia, a breath-taking seven-metre-wide 3D depiction of the Earth by international installation artist Luke Jerram. Gaia will form the centrepiece of this year’s Fire & Light show at The Helix, home of the Kelpies in Falkirk on January 1 and 2.

Anna Plant, senior events officer with Falkirk Community Trust, organiser of Fire & Light: Cosmic Fortunes, said:

“The Fire & Light arts workshops have been an excellent opportunity to involve our local young people in an event that’s becoming a must-do on the local and national calendar. It’s also been a brilliant learning opportunity for them. We’re so grateful to Jane McInally and Pearl Kinnear for helping make this project happen, and I know that this year’s show will be all the richer for our local young people being involved in it.”

As part of their preparation for the workshops, Jane, Pearl and Anna took the participating young people to Light Night Doncaster to see Museum of the Moon, one of Luke Jerram’s other artworks.

A visually stunning art installation depicting Earth as an astronaut would see it from space, Gaia is making its Scottish debut at Fire & Light: Cosmic Fortunes, which takes place at The Helix, home of the Kelpies on January 1 and 2. Meaning the ‘Personification of the Earth’ in Greek Mythology, Gaia creates a sense of the ‘Overview Effect’ which is a phenomenon astronauts experience when viewing the Earth from Space in which they feel a sense of awe and a renewed sense of responsibility for the planet.

The spectacular Fire & Light event features a 4K walk from Falkirk Stadium to the iconic Kelpies and back. It also sees The Helix transformed into a striking combination of fire performance, interactive light installations, captivating puppetry and animated projections depicting the signs of the Zodiac – all in front of the backdrop of the Kelpies. 2019’s Fire & Light, now in its fourth year, is expected to draw bigger crowds, with a record 11,000 tickets now on sale.

Managed by Falkirk Community Trust with support from Scotland’s Winter Festivals event fund, this year’s event will also feature creations from Scotland-based artists David Powell, Pyroceltica, Double Take Projections and Vision Mechanics, as well as the participation of environmental arts education organisation Rowanbank.

Tickets for Fire & Light: Cosmic Fortunes are available every 15 minutes from 4.30pm-7.00pm on Jan 1 & 2. For tickets please follow this link or go to www.thehelix.co.uk