Scone Palace welcomes news that Stone of Destiny is to be returned to Perthshire

The owners of Scone Palace have warmly welcomed today’s news from the Scottish Government that the Stone of Destiny is to be returned to Perthshire.

The ancestral home, Scone Palace, is the historical crowning place of Scottish Kings including Macbeth and Robert the Bruce and was home to the “Stone of Scone” until it was moved to Westminster in the 11th Century by King Edward I of England.

William Murray, Lord Stormont, issued a statement on behalf of the family, commenting:

“We’re delighted with the news that the Stone of Destiny, the coronation stone, is to be relocated to Perthshire and will be so close to Scone Palace, the crowning place of Scottish Kings. The Stone of Destiny is an object of real historical significance, a sacred relic, and it is right that it is treated as such.

This is a great opportunity for Perth, and for the wider tourism economy of this region. We’re certainly hopeful that visitors to Scone Palace will see a boost as a result and we do hope that the stone will make a brief visit to its ancient seat of Scone Palace as part of a ceremonious tour in order that we may properly welcome its return after 700 years away.”

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