WEBSITE DESIGN: The Extraordinary Training Company

The Extraordinary Training Company specialise in training and coaching small businesses. They provide learning and support solutions to help those businesses get the very best from their most precious resources, for example, their employees.

Partnering with clients and associates across the central belt of Scotland and beyond, the company’s aim is to help everyone be extraordinary!

Our cunningly good® approach…

Our clients, Jane and Livvy, contacted us to see if Volpa would help them deliver a new and improved website so their clients would find it easier to navigate and book their training.  Just before work on the website was started, we went into Covid-19 lockdown which brought a new set of priorities, namely that the website now had to increase and improve the offering of online training.

Working together collaboratively Jane and Volpa set about designing and mapping the UX of the new website, integrating the existing brand and tone of voice and bringing together everything that was required to deliver first class training to clients all over the world.