We were approached by the team at Culture Perth & Kinross to deliver a mini site showcasing their “play” options for young people and their parents/carers.  The site was to be set up to help provide activities and useful educational information to home learners throughout the first lockdown in March 2020 and to continue to provide interesting information and activities throughout the year.

Our cunningly good® approach…

We got to work with the team at CPK to establish the sitemap and flow of the site with the user in mind.  With a clear instruction for it to be colourful, visual and easy to navigate , they needed a site that would suit both children and adults.  We also enabled downloadable pdfs for printing at home with clear instructions within the text.

The site was segmented into various activities and with the use of both relevant stock imagery and images from the CPK team the site came together quickly, on time and within budget.

A virtual training session took place between our developer and the CPK team so that they could update images and content as required and the monthly maintenance plan means that our team can take care of the security updates and general site maintenance giving the client peace of mind that their site will continue to perform.