Website Design & Build: M:X

M:X is a start up venture run by young entrepreneur Andrew Davidson.  He was looking for a simple website to help gather data and deliver information about his exciting new hydration system for sports men and women.

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Our cunningly good® approach…

Andrew came to us through our stall at the New Start Scotland exhibition and we offered to design his start up website as part of a prize from his “pitch” competition.

A young man with lots of business ideas he wanted to focus on launching his unique hydration kit for sports men and women.

Brief: He wanted to use the website to gather data from interested consumers who were looking for a product that could deliver convenience and hydration and make it easier for them to keep moving whilst maintaining hydration.

We delivered a simple one page website with a mailing list sign up option front and centre and as a direct call to action.

We also embedded a product promotional video and social media links to make it easy for consumers to get to the information as quickly as possible.

The Result?  A visually pleasing website designed to inform and gather data to help launch the product to market.