United Capital: Branding

United Capital works with businesses and entrepreneurs to grow and develop opportunities, particularly those in fragmented markets where consolidation makes sense. Experts at financing, business planning and execution, United Capital brings together forward thinking and ambitious individuals and companies who are focused on fast acceleration and success.

The United Capital team comes with decades of experience in a wide range of industry sectors, and a stellar reputation for both raising finance and scoping out business growth opportunities.

The Design team at Volpa were approached to craft a brand identity for the launch of United Capital. The company needed a clear, clean logo which could encompass all that United Capital stands for, and would work well across a range of applications, from business cards to banners.

Our cunningly good® approach…

People, connections, strength, and of course, unity are all key elements of the resulting design. A continuous knot weaves through the centre of the logo, and the strategically placed dots also conjure up the image of a group with arms linked around a table, symbolising collaboration. The bespoke lower-case typeface was edited for maximum clarity, while the cool grey and blue colours were chosen to reflect trust and confidence.