Tricia Fox

MA Hons, MSc, PGCRes, MCIPR, MPRCA, FCIM, CIPR Accredited PR Practitioner

After a stint as a management consultant, entrepreneur Tricia started up Volpa in a spare bedroom of her home in 2002. This ignited the desire to be her own boss, and since that time she has not looked back, with the company continuing to experience tremendous growth, both in terms of client base and staff numbers. In between being the boss, Tricia also manages to hold down other important roles such as being a committee member of the Perthshire Businesswomen’s Network and a fundraising committee member of the ARCHIE Foundation Tayside. Her competitive nature means she loves to win things, clearly evident in the amount of awards Volpa has won over the years.

An orchestra double bass player, she loves to perform live music and enjoys the freedom it provides, by giving her the opportunity to focus on one thing without being distracted. She loves her two dogs, Molly and Toby, who inspire her when they approach every day with the same vigour. Once a champion debater, she loves a puzzle and is somewhat obsessed with crime and mystery TV shows which, by her own admission, takes up far too much of her time.