The Enchanted Forest Website Brand Refresh

The Enchanted Forest is Scotland’s pioneering sound and light show. A multi-award winning event at the top of its game, attracting 80,000 visitors annually.

In 2019 they decided to refresh their branding and Volpa was tasked with managing the process and the roll out of the brand onto the event’s digital platforms, working alongside the specialist branding agency Cause & Effect to deliver an impactful visual presence for the event.

Our cunningly good® approach…

The event had a set date for going on sale to the general public so that date acted as a hard deadline for the roll out of new branding and the publishing of a new website.

There wasn’t time or budget to implement a full website rebuild, but it was vitally important that the event’s website truly reflected the new identity that had been developed. Volpa undertook a refresh of the website’s technical structure, theme templates and fonts, working with Cause & Effect to implement visual changes that presented the organisation in a new light.

The refresh took place over a 14 day period, launching to the public on the Wednesday before the Public On Sale that was scheduled on the Friday. During the 14 day period, Volpa had to ensure that the event’s ticket agent, SEE Tickets, had early access to the build to allow them time to “skin” the site and mirror the website branding on their own platform to create a seamless branded experience for customer proceeding to purchase tickets. This meant that the site had to be ready 5 days prior to launching publicly creating an additional time pressure for the project.

As part of the refresh, the opportunity was taken to simplify the website’s navigational structure and present information in a simpler and clearer way, in line with the new brand’s more minimalist palette.