AWARD WINNING WORK: The Enchanted Forest, 10 Years of Tripping the Light Fantastic

Volpa is celebrating ten successful years at the helm of marketing The Enchanted Forest, now known as Scotland’s premier sound and light event.

Volpa has been instrumental in transforming the one-time small Perthshire event into the top attraction it is today. The event, which runs from 28 September to 29 October this year, is completely sold out for the first time in its history, with ticket sales topping 73,000. Specialists in the tourism, hospitality and food and drink sectors, Volpa uses its full range of services to publicise the Enchanted Forest including public relations, marketing, digital and creative.

When Volpa first took over in 2008, the event was relatively small and had very little profile. Most of the media coverage it received was “hyper-local” i.e within the vicinity of the locale of the event. It had won no awards. Since 2008, the marketing budget has remained largely the same. Volpa has had to be very clever about using PR to “move the needle”.

Our cunningly good® approach…

Volpa’s PR strategy has evolved over the years, but largely it has been in response to changes in the event and is predominantly about driving and increasing the event’s profile. This year, in particular, PR messaging has been focused on managing expectations that the event would sell out before it opened. The company’s predictive modelling suggested this would be the case. Volpa began messaging in July – as soon as tickets went on public sale.

Key PR tools used have been:

Establishing a press night for the event (there wasn’t one before we started)

Establishing an expectation that the press night will also be an exclusive preview night for members of the public who participate in various print and digital competitions

Establishing relationships with key national media and driving coverage in both print and digital editions

Establishing a relationship with Visit Scotland and managing that relationship to drive international coverage for the event

Entering award schemes as a profile raiser and expanding the geographical boundaries of those awards as we continued to win

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