Textreme UK Website Development

Our client, Flybox International, is a global leader in the retail and manufacturing of innovative synthetic fly tying materials for the fly fishing industry. In 2019 they took on the UK distributorship of Textreme fly tying materials with a view to expanding the range of materials on offer to their trade and retail customers.

Volpa was approached to work with Flybox International to develop a “mirror” website that was similar in set up and navigation to their main site and which complemented their core Flybox brand, while also giving Textreme a UK presence. It was also important that the new website utilised the same technologies and integrations as their existing site, interfacing with their accounting software and social media channels.

Our cunningly good® approach…

Volpa created an exact replica of Flybox’s existing website and functionalities, further assisting the client in the population of the web shop with the full range of Textreme products available.

Using exactly the same technical build as their existing site we were able to easily interface with systems that the company already used, while maintaining a design consistency that created an unspoken connection between the two sites.