WEBSITE BUILD: St Andrews Aquarium

St Andrews Aquarium is a visitor attraction home to a vast range of underwater creatures as well as land based critters.

Volpa has worked with the Aquarium for 9 years and has formed a strong relationship whilst leading the business forward with all things marketing. From budget planning to creative campaigns, design, digital promotion and branding.

  • Client: St Andrews Aquarium
  • Skills: Marketing strategy and implementation, Digital & Design
  • Website:

Our cunningly good® approach…

St Andrews Aquarium is an established family business so the seasonality of visitors is well versed. Volpa’s objective is to grow visitor numbers year and year by promoting family -friendly days out, new arrivals and the more unique offerings of feeding experiences and animal adoption.

Volpa has injected creativity into the seasonal campaigns laid out in the overall marketing plan whilst listening to our client’s feedback on what customers enjoy most when they are in the Aquarium.

Tools we have used to increase brand awareness and visibility of the Aquarium:
– Radio campaigns
– Competitions
– Bus rears
– Digital advertising campaigns
– Advertising in niche publications

This integrated approach allows a campaign to be seen by the masses but also create repetition and familiarity with the brand.