Graduate Apprenticeships

The University of Dundee is one of the providers of a major new programme of Graduate Apprenticeships launched by Skills Development Scotland (SDS).

Graduate Apprenticeships are a new type of degree being offered this year by the University of Dundee.  The combination of work-based learning and high-quality education allows both employers and students to benefit in several ways.

The University of Dundee brought Volpa on board to help develop and deliver an integrated campaign, to increase the University of Dundee’s number of enrolments and create strong engagement with the primary target market for Graduate Apprenticeships.

Our cunningly good® approach…

Apprentices undertake four years of study. They are employed full time but will attend the University one day per week. A crucial 20% of their working week.

To highlight the value of this one day of study, we built our campaign around the Pareto Principle – a widely accepted concept in the business world that 20% of efforts result in 80% of the tangible outcomes.

The campaign creative played on this connection to highlight the benefits of a graduate apprenticeship, and the investment of just 20% of an employee’s time in both their future and the future of the business.

We developed the hashtag #MakeItCount8020 as both a reference for the campaign and an unofficial call to action.

Our event management team helped promote and deliver a series of events for Dundee University, to increase outreach to local employers and organisations. Our professional staff were on hand to assist with event registration, branding the room with pop ups and leaflets, event photography and event PR.

We supplied branded gifts designed by our in-house design team to share the ‘Make it Count’ messaging and tracked the impact of this across social media.

By using case studies and targeted PR, our campaign also focused on the success stories from Graduate Apprenticeships and highlighted the value of learning in addition to on-job training.