Marketing Campaign: Developing Young Workforce

Developing the Young Workforce Perth and Kinross is here to help young people get work ready and ensure employers have access to the skills to help them and our region grow.

Following the successful launch of the #learnaliving concept in 2018, Volpa was invited by the team at Developing Young Workforce Perth & Kinross (DYWPK) to develop a 2019 refresh of the campaign to drive engagement with businesses in Perth & Kinross. The purpose of the campaign is to generate work experience placements for students at secondary school stage.

  • Client: Developing Young Workforce
  • Skills: Photoshop, Design, Digital, PR
  • Website:

Gold Winner for Regional Campaign of the Year

Our cunningly good® approach…

The client had a clear idea of what they wanted to achieve with the 2019 campaign, in order to build on the good work generated in 2018.

The objectives of the campaign were set as:

  • Increase awareness of DYWPK within Perth & Kinross.
  • Deliver effective PR “moments” to create a positive presence for DYW and generate momentum among the local business community for the 2019 #LEARNALIVING campaign.
  • Generate positive publicity opportunities for local employers.
  • Develop contacts with local media outlets driving coverage during the campaign.
  • Secure 3 or more pieces of positive coverage for the launch of the campaign across a range of print and digital publications.
  • Drive a 3% increase in social media following during the launch period of the campaign from current level of 1680 followers.
  • Drive a 25% increase in traffic to the Employers’ page on the DYW website from its current average of 60 people per month.

Volpa reviewed the activity which had taken place in 2018 to launch the concept, listening to the client’s feedback on what they felt worked best, as well conducting a full review of the Google and social media analytics for patterns and trends.

Specifically it was identified that:

  • The bus rears stayed up longer than the purchased 2 weeks and had a wider geographical reach than the 48 sheets, representing good value for money and higher reach.
  • The key messaging required to get employers over the line and commit to offering a work placement was that it was “incredibly easy to sign up”.
  • The most pertinent information for the target audience wasn’t easy to find, directing employers to the dedicated Placements page would save time and reinforce the ‘easy to sign up’ message.

Volpa specifically looked at how we could infuse the campaign with the key message (easy to sign up) and a direct call to action from industry peers (I’m offering a young person a work placement. Will you?). We therefore:

  • Focused investment in content development while re-using content developed for the original 2018 campaign.
  • Streamlined investment in outdoor media, removing 48 sheets and enhancing the use of bus rears to maximise reach.
  • Increased investment in public relations activity to create focus around the launch and drive earned media coverage.
  • Streamlined digital content targeting the digital advertising budget on driving shared content engagement.