Culture Perth & Kinross – Annual Report

Charitable trust Culture Perth and Kinross (CPK), founded in April 2016, is responsible for the delivery and development of archive, library, museum and gallery services in Perth and Kinross.

CPK wished to make a bold statement with its first ever annual report, highlighting its identity, ambitions and achievements, whilst effectively communicating its vision to staff, service users and other stakeholders. The challenge was to create a document which would raise the profile of this new organisation in a geographical area that had traditionally seen disappointing footfall across its cultural offerings.

  • Client: Culture Perth & Kinross (CPK)
  • Skills: Design, Copywriting & Editing
  • Website:

Our cunningly good® approach…

The design objectives for the annual report were:

To showcase complicated data in an interesting, engaging and eye-catching format.

To make CPK’s brand voice come alive through human stories and photos.

To ensure the core narrative was written in plain English and clearly set out CPK’s objectives, activities, achievements and performance.

Volpa’s solution was to immediately ditch the dull and boring format that so often characterises public sector documents. Instead, creating a bold design which would mirror CPK’s vibrant and modern approach to shake up the region’s arts sector, whilst being mindful that the annual report could be a great marketing tool for the trust to reach its stakeholders.

Volpa cunningly transformed the raw copy and data supplied by the client into a user-friendly document using a punchy design which reflected CPK’s new people centred brand, and its successes over the previous twelve months. Specific design and content techniques, such as the clever use of infographics, people led images alongside creative artwork and lastly, fine tuning the language used, all ensured that the document was as friendly and accessible as possible.