Cullach Brewery Brand Design

Cullach Brewery is a craft brewery based in Perth, which aims is to make great tasting beers to satisfy everyone’s thirst, produced in small batches and using traditional methods.
Volpa was approached to create branding and build a website to showcase their range of modern and traditional style beers.

Our cunningly good® approach…

Our design for Cullach Brewery was originally based on the founder’s clan crest which had a boar as the main image.

Inspired by the aesthetic of tattoo design, our unique branding is a combination of traditional Celtic script and a modern and stylised illustration of a boar’s head. The branding can be adapted into different colours for the variety of beers produced and stands out well on the shelf.

The Cullach website was one of the first produced under our Cunningly Good Websites package for small businesses and provides a central hub for promoting the beers, brewery activity, links to social media, an informative blog and contact information.

The client was delighted to launch his first beers under the Cullach branding, and we’re delighted to be first in the queue when it comes to sampling each new brew!