Website Design & Build: Claymore Crossfit

Claymore CrossFit is Perth’s original CrossFit Box. Trainer Chris Brown established the purpose-built gym after seeing the noticeable results that effective CrossFit training delivered for his gym clients.

Part of the ethos of CrossFit is building a community of like-minded people, all motivating each other to keep progressing in their training. Claymore CrossFit is a welcoming hub for this community and provides a varied programme which changes every day. Every workout is coached in classes that last an hour long. Claymore CrossFit offers classes to all ages ranging from 5 upwards.

Our cunningly good® approach…

Chris started his business with a website built by a friend, but soon ran into problems whenever he wanted to update it. Being in the gym with clients had to be the priority for Chris, but he knew to keep growing he would need a reliable website and booking system.

Chris chose our Pay Monthly Cunningly Good Websites option, with no upfront costs to pay.

Our digital experts designed and built a new website for Claymore CrossFit, with an easy to navigate site map
allowing new customers to flow through the signing up process.

We used high quality images provided by Claymore CrossFit to showcase the gym’s facilities, inclusive team spirit and class activities throughout the site.

We were able to integrate the gym’s existing booking system into the site to allow class bookings to be made on desktop as well as app.

Claymore CrossFit also uses social media effectively to keep their customers and CrossFit community involved. The ‘News’ section of the website updates automatically with the gym’s most recent Facebook posts, saving Chris valuable time. The website also links to Instagram and You Tube channels and features the company’s promotional video on the homepage.

As part of the package, Chris has access to monthly web reports which let him see how the website is performing, as well as technical support. We provide a digital manual to enable Chris to change content whenever he wants, and we take care of all the necessary technical updates to keep the website performance at its best.