As the largest PR & Marketing agency in Perthshire we are constantly busy grabbing the headlines for our clients, but we also use some of our award-winning talents to promote the work we do here at Volpa. One of the ways we do this is our bi-annual Sneaky Peeks publication, a creative collaboration by all of our in-house teams , which aims to:

* Position Volpa as the go-to marketing agency for ambitious, growing businesses

*Demonstrate our integrated and unparalleled approach to marketing

*Showcase the diverse talents of our cunningly good team

*Celebrate our successes and unique company culture

*Start a conversation with potential clients and partners


Sneaky Peeks is a newspaper, a magazine, and a review of our best bits all rolled into one. Sneaky Peeks is a full colour broadsheet, which harks back to our roots in the press. This year we printed 500, 12-page copies. Inside a typical issue you will find:

*Splendid examples of client projects from each of our talented departments – Marketing, Design, Digital, and Publicity

*Celebrations of success – this year we celebrated our 15th Anniversary, 10 years of promoting the Enchanted Forest

*Industry comment and advice – from pitching to the press to GDPR, we offer expert advice for free!

Our designers, journalists and photographers work together as a team to create the content, and it’s a great chance for us to reflect on and share our successes. We’re a brilliant, fun team who have a real passion for the work that we do, and Sneaky Peeks is our chance to shout about that.


Our Sneaky Peeks audience includes current clients, industry peers and they are the perfect introduction to Volpa for potential new clients. Copies get distributed to existing clients, shared with visitors to our office and fellow delegates at conferences and presentations. We find the impact of this ‘hot of the press’ approach much more successful than a simple business card for impressing new clients.

Studies have shown that when it comes to retaining useful information, readers are more likely to remember something they’ve read in print, rather than digital format. We believe there will always be a place in our marketing mix for print – no matter how technologically savvy customers become. Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh ink on paper?