Sneaky Peeks

As the largest PR & Marketing agency in Perthshire we are constantly busy grabbing the headlines for our clients, but we also use some of our award-winning talents to promote the work we do here at Volpa. One of the ways we do this is our bi-annual Sneaky Peeks publication, a creative collaboration by all of our in-house teams , which aims to:

* Position Volpa as the go-to marketing agency for ambitious, growing businesses

*Demonstrate our integrated and unparalleled approach to marketing

*Showcase the diverse talents of our cunningly good team

*Celebrate our successes and unique company culture

*Start a conversation with potential clients and partners

  • Client: Volpa
  • Skills: Photoshop, Graphic Design, Copywriting, Editing

Our cunningly good® approach…

Sneaky Peeks is a newspaper, a magazine, and a review of our best bits all rolled into one. Sneaky Peeks is a full colour broadsheet, which harks back to our roots in the press. This year we printed 500, 12-page copies. Inside a typical issue you will find:

*Splendid examples of client projects from each of our talented departments – Marketing, Design, Digital and Publicity

*Celebrations of success – in 2018 we celebrated our 15th Anniversary, 10 years of promoting the Enchanted Forest

*Industry comment and advice – from pitching to the press to GDPR, we offer expert advice for free!

Our designers, writers and photographers work together as a team to create the content, and it’s a great chance for us to reflect on and share our successes. We’re a brilliant, fun team who have a real passion for the work that we do, and Sneaky Peeks is our chance to shout about that.