New artisan coffee house – Mhor Coffee – launched in Perth

A new takeaway coffee shop, Mhor Coffee, launched this week in the centre of Perth on Kinnoull Street, in response to the huge surge in demand for good quality artisan coffee experienced during the pandemic.

The bricks and mortar development, which has created four jobs, is an evolution of the Mhor Coffee e-commerce platform launching later this year, which will offer a wide range of artisan coffees for purchase, delivered direct to a customer’s door.

The business is a real family affair with the Mhor Coffee brand and platform co-founded by husband and wife team, Tricia Fox and Ian Christie, and the Kinnoull Street coffee house co-founded by Tricia’s sister and brother-in-law, Kimberley and David Bauchope. The coffee house will be managed by Kimberley and David’s daughter, Ellen Bauchope, an experienced and trained barista and self-confessed coffee fan.

Mhor Coffee was born out of the observation that the consumption of artisan coffee during the first UK wide lockdown went through the roof.  Both avid coffee lovers, Tricia and Ian were ordering regularly from a range of artisan coffee producers and spotted a gap in the market for pulling all these specialists under one roof for other coffee lovers to discover and explore. Tricia, the founder and CEO of PR and marketing agency Volpa, was acutely aware of the e-commerce rush created by the unique lockdown situation, and the sheer volume of small businesses looking to get their products into an online environment.

Research demonstrated that Tricia was not the only one looking for a coffee fix during lockdown, with a report from the Speciality Coffee Association released in May 2020 showing a huge 5,380% increase in combined sales across curbside and/or pick up orders.[1]

Five exclusive Mhor Coffee roasts will be available to purchase in the coffee house as well as on the website, including ‘The Aonach Mhor’, ‘The Creag Mhor’, ‘The Etive Mhor’ and newly launched decaf version ‘No Mhor Caffeine’, with ‘The Festive Mhor’ launched in time for the Christmas season.

The house blend in the Perth café is The Aonach Mhor, named after the Scottish mountain, with ‘Mhor’ meaning ‘great’ in Scots Gaelic. The Café will primarily operate as a takeaway, with a very small amount of socially distanced sit-in tables available. Unlike other coffee shops, the café will also sell a range of guest artisan coffees too, giving coffee lovers a genuine choice.

Tricia Fox, co-founder of Mhor Coffee commented: “We’re delighted to be opening our first bricks and mortar coffee house in our home town of Perth, in direct response to the huge surge in demand for good quality coffee, so soon after launching the Mhor Coffee e-commerce site. Our ethos at Mhor is different. You won’t just get a coffee; you’ll be able to select which coffee you want. It may sound obvious, but no one walks into a bar and orders just “a beer”, customers want a choice of beers. We’re on a mission to change that about coffee shops. There’s an amazing range of artisan coffees available nowadays and we aim to give customers Mhor of a choice – whether that be purchasing in person from the new coffee shop or ordering online.”

Kimberley Bauchope, co-founder of Mhor Coffee added: “The last few weeks have been a complete whirlwind for us all. Setting up a business in normal circumstances is challenging, doing it in the middle of a pandemic is something else. We are so lucky to have a great network of local suppliers who have really come together to bring this to fruition so quickly, and we have got a great team in place who are all raring to go. We’re very much looking forward to serving the people of Perth with that all-important caffeine fix.”

The Mhor Coffee café is located at 10 Kinnoull Street Perth. To find out more or to purchase online visit


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Notes to editors

Mhor Coffee

Mhor Coffee was launched in summer 2020 during the pandemic by two coffee loving entrepreneurs in Perth, Scotland. Founder and MD of marketing and PR agency, Tricia Fox, and her husband, Ian Christie, founder and MD of Flybox, one of the UK’s leading developers of materials and products for use in fly-tying, found themselves locked in their homes during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic unable to get their daily caffeine fix. They took to the internet to track down some of their favourite roasts and discovered there was not a single e-commerce platform where coffee lovers could get their hands on their favourite roasts. So, during a global pandemic, Mhor Coffee was born. The Mhor Coffee café was launched in November 2020.

Mhor Coffee (Perth) will open in November 2020, at 10 Kinnoull Street, Perth on the former Graysons Wine Bar site which closed due to the pandemic. The business has been co-founded by Ian Christie, Tricia Fox, Kimberley Bauchope and David Bauchope. Tricia and Kimberley are sisters.

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[1] Findings from the Specialty Coffee Consumption and COVID-19: The 2020 Square x SCA Coffee Report, May 2020