Lockdown Photos reveal the “New Normal” for Volpa

Integrated communications agency Volpa has revealed a new photographic collection of team images created during lockdown by award winning press photographer Graeme Hart, owner of Perthshire Picture Agency. Volpa is the first agency to have adopted this new “through the screen” look photographically for their own marketing, even though TV advertisers and programmers have fully embraced the multi-screen normality of zoom and teams that we’ve all adapted to during lockdown.

The photographic collection reflects what the agency believes will be their “new normal” for the foreseeable future as we move out of the coronavirus pandemic. The images were taken by Graeme through a variety of screen formats and screen sharing apps including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger to reflect the full range of technological interaction tool that individuals now need to use in an average day’s work.

Tricia Fox, founder of Volpa, commented on the collection of images: “Lockdown presented us with a very unusual and, dare I say it, creative opportunity to show our team off in their natural habitats. We’ve worked with Graeme for 18 years now and when I first approached him about the project, he was worried about the sharpness of the resolution and whether taking images through screens would work. But, like all good creatives, we found solutions and what has emerged from the project is a unique suite of images that fully captures this moment in time for both our team members and the business.”

“Like many agencies the practicalities of a socially distanced office are going to be a challenge, so we have already accepted that we will be working as a dispersed team for the foreseeable future. These images are a realistic view of how our clients will be interacting with us for possibly months to come and, far from being a remote experience for clients, this has been quite an intimate experience for many – seeing into each other’s homes and lives in ways we have never done before. Graeme’s images capture the spirit of lockdown for us perfectly.”

Graeme Hart commented: “It’s not every day you get a brief from a client where they are not too worried about the resolution of the images but wanted to accurately capture not only what people were seeing on screen, but a level of insight that you wouldn’t normally get. The team chose how they wanted to be seen, and where in their houses and gardens they wanted to be photographed. I’m really pleased with the results, when you look at it as a collection, you feel you’re genuinely getting to know these people and that you can relate to them, which is really interesting. We’ve all experienced something similar during lockdown so there’s both a familiarity and a curiosity to the images that you wouldn’t normally get.”

To view the photographic collection, visit: https://www.cunninglygood.com/covidsecure/

Volpa is a full-service marketing agency based in Perth. The agency has received a raft of awards over the years including the Silver Award for Outstanding Small Consultancy at the CIPR Pride Scotland awards two years running.