Improving your brand via social media in a Covid-19 world

With social media being approximately 40% busier than it was pre-pandemic, there is no doubt this is a marketing channel that needs to be harnessed and used to maximum benefit. However, as we all know, these are tricky times, and we need to be particularly careful to use social media in an appropriate way.

Most importantly, at this time, brands should communicate clearly and sensitively to their customer’s and potential customer’s situations, ideally providing them with a solution to their needs or improving their life in some way. Indeed, building likeability for your brand at the moment is crucial. You need to think about what you want to be remembered for once COVID-19 is consigned to the history books.

Think about the success of Joe Wicks through his ‘PE with Joe’ sessions that took place every day for school children through the first lockdown and which have now started again in this new lockdown. He used the power of social media, through his YouTube channel, to reach thousands of homes in the UK. He is a fine example of someone who has used social media to improve potential customer’s lives and by doing so has increased his likeability, and subsequently trust in his brand and the reputation of his business. He also clearly demonstrates how marketing has now evolved from broadcasting to interactivity. Marketing is now a two-way activity and Joe demonstrates this well by asking his viewers questions and getting feedback. In the same way, via our social media platforms, we need to be asking our customers questions and creating that interactivity.

Meaningful brand content on social media should do all the following – inspire, entertain, educate, help, inform and reward – and Joe Wicks ticks all these boxes.

With any social media activity, it is important to get the balance just right in terms of the amount of content you share. Too little and you don’t get the impact you desire, too much and you risk irritating those who follow you and turning potential customers away. We recommend five or six social media engagements a week, with two emails a month which provide something of value to the reader.

It’s really important to maintain that connection with customers and potential customers so your brand is front of mind. However, it’s not always easy thinking of social media content that ticks all the boxes outlined above and to keep this level of activity up indefinitely. Here are a few ideas as to how you can really engage your audience with your social media posts.

  • Introduce your team, which builds relationship
  • Teach your skills for free, which is helpful and educational
  • Nostalgia – for example, when your business was started and why
  • New skills or qualifications achieved in your team, which builds respect and trust in your ability to deliver
  • A virtual tour of your home office, which entertains and builds relationship
  • Any new hobbies you have picked up during lockdown, which entertains and builds relationship
  • Explain how you and your team are coping with the pandemic, which is informative and builds empathy

Be very clear as to what social media channels you should be devoting all your time to. Whilst Facebook is without doubt the largest social media platform in terms of reachability, if you are wishing to reach a younger audience, Instagram should be more of a focus for your activity and of course the content will need to lead with an eye-catching image or video.

Content which makes an emotional connection and is likely to be shared is the goal. Just now, when people are unable to mix in person as they normally would, brands should be showing deep empathy and aiming to create community online to fill that void.

Now is the opportunity for you to utilise your social media for the benefit of your customers and potential customers, so when we are finally out of this pandemic you have done all you can to develop likeability for your brand, increase trust, and most importantly built a solid, positive reputation for your business. All of this means potential customers are more likely to come to you once the need arises.

If you need assistance with your social media marketing, or indeed with the marketing strategy for your business going forward, we’d love to help. Please give us a call on 01738 658187 or email