Have we KISS’d goodbye to simplicity?

I simply cannot stand it any more.

As I sit here, alone in the car, avoiding avoidable stressors, I wonder: when did the humans of the world start making things so god-damned complicated?

You know that McDonald’s coffee advert that seemingly takes the proverbial out of the complicated coffee industry? Well, that, but not just in the land of coffee.

My husband, who has seemingly endless patience, is currently standing alone in a craft food shop, patiently waiting for the only shop assistant to laboriously fill a 1 litre tub of ice cream for the couple in front of us, scoop by sodding scoop.

I couldn’t watch. I had to leave. Sitting in the car was preferable to shouting, uncontrollably, at the shop assistant about their complete lack of common sense. And, before anyone starts, they were most definitely NOT a millennial.

Several minutes later, he eventually appears, spouting forth about how the couple in front paid for a 1 litre tub of ice cream but almost certainly didn’t get anywhere near that amount of the tasting icy stuff.

Productivity in the UK is in serious decline, with a British worker punting out 15% less per hour than their European counterparts. It’s not hard to see why, standing impatiently in the craft food shop watching the ice cream scoop debacle unfold.

We think ourselves infinitely smarter than the generations before us but I’m not so sure that’s the case. We’re certainly more stressed than our predecessors, and less productive. Could the two be inextricably linked? Or has the political incorrectness of the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid) lost it’s footing to such an extent that we’d rather be cleverly complicated no matter what the cost?

Imagine the possibilities of a seamless, joyful level of service. Imagine how much more productive it would be if people had the right tools for the job in hand (ice cream, pre-packed tubs, bigger scoops). Imagine if there was less choice, not more. Imagine how much less stressful the world would be. Something to ponder.

Tricia Fox is the founder of Volpa. A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, an Accredited PR Practitioner and an entrepreneur, she has over 18 years under her belt running her own business. Visit her profile