Guest blog: Interning with Volpa

Catrin Evans is an English graduate who volunteered her time to work with Volpa over the summer months. Friendly, capable and funny – she quickly fitted into the Den and has been a fantastic source of support to our busy PR team, while gaining an insight into working in a full-service marketing agency.  We’ve given her a guest spot on the blog to tell us about her experience:

It’s the day after graduation. I’m sitting in bed with what one might describe as a sensible hangover, having only had a couple of celebratory drinks the night before. I was saving the real hangover for grad ball. As I sat there, feeling dull and deflated, a single, terrifying thought rammed into my mind like a swift frying pan to the head: “What next?”

I knew that I wanted to write. I knew I wanted to work with people. Part of me wanted to run full steam ahead into the corporate world and never look back. However, despite feeling ambitious and motivated, I also felt lost and completely unsure of what direction in life to choose out of the thousands laid out in front of me.

I was so lucky to be put in contact with Gillian. We emailed back and forth and came up with a plan in which I could intern with Volpa two days a week and spend the rest of the time working my part-time job. It was very important for my financial security to keep working the hours I already was, the days of the student loan were over, and for the first time in my life I was financially independent.

I was nervous to start but every single person in the office, including Molly the office pup, made me feel right at home. Gillian threw me right in at the deep end and had me writing my first press release in minutes. I hadn’t written anything since my dissertation and the joy of being able to write again with a purpose was wonderful.

During my two months with Volpa, I have learnt so many new specific and transferable skills. I know how to write an eye-catching press release! I can write a listicle! I can use WordPress! I know what SEO is!

I also came to learn many a helpful hint that you can only pick up from being around people who really know what they’re talking about, like how you should never send a press release after 3pm, because no one will pick it up. These are things you can’t Google, my friends.

I have absolutely loved my time at Volpa, and their name will take pride of place on my CV when I start applying for big girl jobs. Thanks to these lovely people I have been able to find a direction in my professional life and develop skills that will allow me to move in that direction, not to mention some amazing transferable skills, all in a friendly and supportive environment.

I’ll really miss it.

We’ll really miss you too Cat, and wish you all the best for your future career!