Cunningly Good Guide to Getting Your ‘Start Up’ onto Social Media

Social Media can appear a bit of a minefield when you first embark on developing a digital presence for your new start company or brand. This Cunningly Good Guide is designed to provide some helpful guidance to assist you in kick starting your social media activity and developing your online presence.

Earlier in 2019 we saw big names in business ditch their social media channels, including Lush and Wetherspoons. At the time, it was met with some shock, as the rest of the business world had opinions on whether it was the right decision to make or not. Generally, social media has become to be seen as an essential marketing tool in this new digital age. Our reflection on that moment was that every marketing approach should be addressed on its own merit. If a clear return on investment is experienced by the business on its marketing activity, including social media, then it should continue with that activity, if not, then it shouldn’t.

But the world has changed dramatically in the last 4-5 months. Suddenly digital is everything. We have wrestled with how to do business throughout lockdown, without having any physical human contact. The digital world has met our need, providing platforms on which to video call, message and stay in touch with our colleagues and clients remotely.

So how does the world feel about digital activity and social media now? Leading handmade cosmetics firm, Lush, are back online after their big statement last year. We would agree with this move entirely. If there was any time in which to invest in your digital marketing, it would be now. With more people online than ever before, you have an audience ready to soak up the information you share. This is the chance to really build relationships with your followers and the digital community. Be authentic, be helpful, and share information which will help your followers.

Recent data shows the following changes in digital traffic in the last few months. There has been a 27% increase in Facebook traffic and a 26% growth in quarterly sessions on LinkedIn. New kid on the block, TikTok, has seen a 25% rise in monthly downloads and messaging apps such as WattsApp are fielding twice as many video and voice calls. Therefore, the potential audience reach for your business has grown exponentially in just a few months.

You may have no experience with social media, or be a little rusty on your social media planning and execution. If you have the budget, PR professionals should be your first point of call, but if not, here are top 10 tips to get you kick started.

  1. Make sure you have a list of all the content you can share with your audience. Have a brainstorm with your team and keep all the ideas in one place.
  2. Create a social media planner. Use whatever format works for you, we would suggest something easy like excel. Plan each day across the platforms your target audience are likely to be using.
  3. Have a look at the special days of the year calendar. These can help to create content too.
  4. Plan your week ahead at the very least.
  5. Use quality images and the right size for each social platform, you want to ensure you look professional.
  6. Keep your tone consistent with your company brand.
  7. Schedule your posts using software like Hootsuite. There are pros and cons to using scheduling software, it’s about testing them out. However, they can be a real time saver.
  8. Your content should be something your audience will want to read and is informative, engaging and helpful in some way. DO NOT SELL.
  9. Vary your style of posts. Video posts create much more engagement than any other type of post. Text after text after text is uninspiring. Use varying images, infographics, video and share stories. Stories are powerful, with evidence suggesting the brain remembers information provided in stories far more.
  10. Most importantly, learn to read your analytics. You need to know what is working and when you know what is working, do more of that. There is no point in churning out the same content that your readers are not engaging with.

You can get the kick start you need by following these steps. However, spend some quality time before taking action thinking about your key audience(s). Who are you talking to? What do they like to hear about? What social channels do they spend most time on? What kind of content will influence them, make them follow you, engage with your posts and ultimately take a call to action which benefits your business. This kind of thought process will help to refine your social plan, determine what social media channels to focus on, which will make your social media activity more effective.

There are so many free social media marketing online webinars and courses available right now. Take advantage of what’s being offered and learn how to do social media marketing well. If you are short on time our advice would be to leave it to the professionals, and focus on what you do well, which is planning and executing the building of your business.

If you need any help or assistance with your social media marketing, please give us a call at Volpa on 01738 658187.