Tricia Fox

Content is not King, it’s the Emperor’s New Clothes

You’d have had to be living under a rock for the last few years to have missed the content bubble. The whole of the marketing industry has become obsessed. It’s all about the content, we’re told. Beautiful, swirling, engaging content. Quality, not quantity. Copy matters. I’ve heard it all.

But without reach, content is not King. It is simply the emperor’s new clothes. Nobody can really see what’s there.

Reach is where your customers are. Reach is who your customers are. Reach will make the difference between sales and no sales, profit and no profit, sanity and insanity.

You could have the best memes, the brightest copy and the wittiest visuals but unless they reach your audience, they are not worth bubkis. And how you get that reach matters too. Sitting on the sidelines hoping for something to go viral is not a strategy, that’s a hope and a prayer.

Content Managers have sprung up everywhere. But Reach Managers are hard to find.

If you truly want to make your content sing then you need to know how to reach people. To reach right down, deep inside and engage. Engage our emotions, our senses, our logic. Do I want it? Do I? Ooh, I want it. I do.

Content has its place, for sure. But it’s not king.

Cash is king. And if you really want cash, buy reach.

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