Bite Sized Covid Media Tips: Bloomberg

The is the second in our series of Bite Sized Covid Media Tips, designed to help you get thinking about the best way to get your business in front of the national media at this time.

Like every business, the business of media has changed due to the coronavirus pandemic, with reporters and editorial teams working remotely and many on furlough, editions slim-lined to save costs and “normal” coverage put back on the shelf in preference for more news style coverage related to the pandemic. Volpa has been keeping up to date with those changes as they have happened and are sharing our knowledge in a series of Bite Sized Covid Media Tips because, while it is still possible to generate media coverage at this time, businesses need to be prepared on what editors are looking for, now more than ever.

Here’s just a bite sized briefing from a recent exclusive international webcast we attended with several members of the media team at Bloomberg, on what changes they have made since the crisis began and what kind of stories they are looking for now.

Bloomberg’s Top Ten Tips

  1. The editorial team at Bloomberg are now working on skeleton staff, and with coronavirus dominating the headlines, the bar for pitching stories to editorial has never been higher. A professional approach is a must.
  2. All media outlets have been impacted by COVID-19 and, from a business perspective, there’s a renewed editorial interest in SMEs – how are they coping, what are they doing to adjust?
  3. SMEs and agencies should be actively using #journorequest on Twitter to scan for opportunities. There are still a lot of media out there looking for solutions and with many PR agencies furloughing staff their usual contacts are not all available to help.
  4. Avoid a self-serving pitch, journalists are more time starved than ever and are taking revenge on those companies who are making tenuous links to the crisis in order to profit from the crisis. Make sure that your story is strong before taking it to the media, otherwise you risk being stuck in the inbox trash can for the rest of time.
  5. Press releases are not the most appropriate form of communication at this time – a well crafted pitch by phone to the journalist, at the right time, is likely to generate a better response.
  6. The media are actively looking for stories about innovative ways that companies are solving the challenges presented by COVID-19. If you are doing something different to survive and it’s making a difference, then that’s a great opportunity to get in touch.
  7. Businesses who have access to data on how consumers are adapting or changing behaviours may also be sitting on great stories unknowingly – it might be an analysis of website traffic over the COVID-19 period, or actual sales of specific products which were less popular before lockdown but have now suddenly taken off, changes in consumer behaviour are of interest to the media. Make sure your statistics are well analysed and presented properly – consider using info-graphics if they are complicated.
  8. The media are looking for expert commentary on the future of industries and sectors, as well as how they perceive office life changing. If you have an opinion and a lot of knowledge of a sector, get in touch and pitch your position on how you think things will pan out over time.
  9. For businesses who are active in the lifestyle industries, the media are actively looking for ideas on self care, mental health, and quarantine routines.
  10. Human interest stories and animal stories are all very much in demand – the media recognise their role in keeping spirits up and stories about how people and animals are adapting, particularly at a local/regional level, are in demand.

If you have a story that you think has national media interest and need help getting it in front of the right people, please give Volpa a call on 01738 658187. We’re here to help.

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