A Lasting Impression

Who cares about quality when your customers are not coming back? Deliver as fast as you can and walk away. No need to check you’ve done a good job.

My breakfast this morning was cold. Not through choice. It wasn’t a bowl of cereal with lashings of fresh, cold milk. It was a full English breakfast at Heathrow Airport. It was meant to be hot although, to be fair, this was not specified in the menu description. The sausage was moderately warm, so I ate that. The poached eggs were likewise warm, so I ate them too. But cold bacon, mushrooms and beans (yuk) was where I drew the line.

I paid, naturally. But pointed out to the waitress my unfinished breakfast covering almost two thirds of the plate, and told her it was cold.

She was unapologetic. I should have told her, she said. It’s somehow my fault that the chilly concoction occurred.

Nothing to do with her, as she was nowhere to be seen as I attempted to eat my cool full English.

But I’ll be flying off in less than an hour, and she’ll never see me again. And I’ll likely never eat there again because I’m just passing through. They’ve got my money, so it doesn’t matter, right?

I recall a sign on the wall of a sandwich shop that was close to my old office. It was a triangle with one word at each point: Quality, Service, Price. Underneath it said: Choose Two.

Huxleys should take note. Two would be an improvement.