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Shannon Huntley

Junior Graphic Designer

The newest recruit to our bustling Design Room, Shannon joined Volpa in March 2016 as our Junior Graphic Designer. With an Honours Degree in Visual Design and Communication under her belt, she’s gained experience working as a Graphic Design Intern within Perth College UHI Marketing Team as well as during her time as a Visual Merchandiser and Graphic Designer at McEwans of Perth.

She’s partial to some sunshine, but that might have something to do with being half Australian – born in Melbourne, but moved to Scotland soon after. She returned to Australia when she was 16, where she lived for three years before returning to Scotland to further her education. A keen traveller, Shannon enjoys frequent trips to foreign lands and particularly enjoys visiting cultural and historic cities. Recent trips have included Paris, Greece, Rome, Amsterdam and Thailand to name a few.

If you ask Shannon what her favourite thing about design is (luckily, we did this for you) she would say the enjoys the opportunity to solve important problems, make meaningful change in the world and have influence with everybody’s everyday lives by compelling people to action.