Lawrence - Volpa
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Lawrence McNamara

Web Developer

Lawrence is the boffin on Team Volpa.


Perfectly at home in a darkened room testing out the latest technologies, we set him impossible technical challenges then sit back and watch in amazement as he makes it looks super dooper easy.


The fact that his favourite film is the Matrix will come as no surprise. Not unlike Lawrence, the Matrix pushes the boundaries of film technology and Lawrence will happily tell you all about it at length. If you ask.


Inspired by fellow tech boffin Bill Gates, Lawrence can’t pass up an invite to an Indian restaurant and his favourite book is The Shawshank Redemption.


The fact that such a book exists is news to the younger members of the Team Volpa who weren’t even aware it had even been made into a major Hollywood Blockbuster in the 1990s. They were too young to remember.