Graeme - Volpa
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Graeme Hart


Graeme has worked with Volpa for many years, at many ridiculous hours of the day and in some fairly unusual and not always clement circumstances.


Luckily for us Graeme is the consummate professional so when presented with an owl who won’t fly at 6am in the morning on a freezing cold Perthshire estate, his unflappable determination to get the perfect picture demonstrated that Graeme wasn’t ever going to let a little thing like nature get in the way of a successful press image.


And for a man who is most inspired by Albert Einstein, his quest for relative pictorial perfection is not surprising.


Precision and out of the box thinking come as standard with Graeme, and his favourite film The Fifth Element gives you a feel for how his mind works. The combination of the rugged outdoor action figure of Bruce Willis, juxtaposed by the precision beauty of Milla Jovovich in a futuristic, highly visual landscape are the ingredients for success that Graeme brings to every picture he takes.


To relax (!) Graeme is know to dabble in a spot of diving, motor biking and dog walking and on the rare occasion he sits still long enough to read a book, his favourite read is that American classic To Kill a Mockingbird.