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Gillian Drummond

Account Manager

Gillian, a long-time journalist and editor turned PR guru, is the latest addition to the team at Volpa. Her time spent on busy news and features desks, as well as freelancing for local and national publications here and in the USA, make her adept at whipping up headline-grabbing copy and getting the maximum exposure for clients.


She’s written about everything from hospitality and the food industry to design and architecture, and developed TV and video projects along the way. But these days she gets much more out of putting a client in the news than seeing her own name in lights.


She calls herself old-school trained (she still takes notes using T-line shorthand) and new-school savvy (did we mention she founded an award-winning online magazine?) Her years as a journo have also made her dogged; if she comes up against a brick wall she usually finds a way over or around it.


A native of Perthshire, Gillian has lived in Edinburgh, London and, most recently, Tucson. Although the Arizona desert stole a little bit of her heart, she dotes on her Scottish homeland.


Ask her what her biggest love is and – family, pet dog and cinema aside – she’ll tell you it’s meeting people. She’s continually fascinated by people and their stories. And, given that good storytelling is the basis of great P.R., she knows she’s in the right profession.