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BLOG - Volpa
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the word on the blog

Sometimes we can be a bit opinionated on the subject of marketing…. or, when we have time, we like to share our pearls of publicity wisdom with the world.

Want to know what’s going on in our heads? Then this is the place for you….

Award-winning, multi-media journalist and sub-editor ALISON LOWSON recently swapped print for PR after 28 years in the weekly/national newspaper business. Now working for leading Scottish independent marketing agency Volpa, Media Scotland’s former Central Tayside regional editor (Perthshire Advertiser, Strathearn Herald, Blairgowrie Advertiser, Stirling Observer) shares......

The last day in the office was nostalgic for me as I have enjoyed every day I spent at Volpa, with the different projects I was welcomed to take part in, various in-office tasks, and all the meetings and training sessions which have taught me......

Today was a really interesting day as I had the chance to take part in a CPD (Continual Personal Development) session organised by Linda and Ellis – as each member of the team is actively involved in the CPD programme by researching and presenting a......

The day started with another PR department meeting and I must say that I found this structure of weekly progress meetings which, although obviously serious and very relevant, have a relaxed and informal air to them (making one feel very comfortable to not only take......

Today one of my lecturers, Pat Sedakat, came to visit Volpa in order to see if I am doing well on my placement and if there are any issues that either Fraser or myself would like to address. It was a very informative and helpful......

It was a shorter than usual day in the office, as I had to leave at 2 pm in order to arrive in time to a meeting taking place at the University, but nonetheless very interesting and engaging. I spent the better part of the......

In the morning Fraser had a look over the cover letters for the three positions I was applying for as part of the first Supplementary List offered by the Saltire Scholarship. Receiving feedback from a professional over my style of writing and ideas was not......

Whenever you see businessmen in films going to meetings they have this omnibus of documents with them, as if trying to impress the customer through the sheer size of the stack of papers they have. It somehow infers that unless you present yourself with all......

As a resident of Scone Volpa’s PR and Marketing Executive, Linda Allan, was given a unique insight into crisis communications this week during the recent gas emergency, managed by SGN. In our job we recognise the value of communication, and never more so than in......

Once we got in, Fraser had a look over the rough proposal I came up with for the spring publicity campaign for St Andrew’s Aquarium. After a few gut-wrenching minutes in which everything that could be wrong with the proposal went through my head all......